Luka Couffaine Zine

Donation has been made! Thank you for all of your support! If you have any concerns about your Leftovers, please contact us via email or via social media.


This schedule is subject to change due to any impeding circumstances

Interest Checks07/23 - 08/23
Mod Applications08/30 - 09/13
Mod Decisions Sent09/18
Contributor Applications09/20 - 10/18
Contributor eMails Sent11/01
First Check-in12/01
Second Check-in01/01
Soft Deadline02/01
Hard Deadline02/15
Pre-Orders03/01 - 04/01
Estimated Shipment Date10/01
Leftover Sales11/01 - 12/01
Leftover Sales Shipping11/07 - 12/17
Distribution of Funds12/20